Our Advantage

One of the many advantages of our support is establishing reseller status with popular software and hardware vendors. When we do, we get a percentage discount, a reseller's discount. But, where we are different from other consultants is the fact that we GIVE this discount to our clients.  You heard that right. We not only eliminate any mark-up on hardware and software, but we also give our discounts DIRECTLY back to our clients.

Another advantage is our support model. We are different from many other service providers. While we can be brought in to "fight fires", we prefer to engage with our clients and their business. We become familiar with your business or practice so we're ready to help immediately. We are also easy to reach when you have a problem, question, or need technical advice any time of the day, evening, or weekends. You won't wait on hold for the next available agent with My-Computer-Friend. A simple text message, email, or phone call gets you an immediate response.

We don't handcuff our clients with contracts - they keep us because we provide results.

We are always looking for the most cost-effective answer for your technical needs. Anyone can give you an expensive solution. We're not like that. We make recommendations as if we were spending our own money. Why invest thousands of dollars on a new PC or server when a simple upgrade will resolve the problem? We have over 33 years of experience working for companies like EDS, Hewlett Packard, and General Motors. We've been working with Windows servers and PCs since they hit the market, and we have extensive experience with the technology that runs your office or practice.

Fighting computer problems should not be part of the daily routine of your business or practice. We do that so you can focus on what you do best—caring for your clients. Give us a call today. Make YOUR computer friend My-Computer-Friend.