Is your version of Microsoft Office EXPIRED?

I have provided a link here for you to quickly check to see what the EOL “End Of Life” is for your version of MS Office. Check your version by clicking here and enter the product i.e. word 2013 Why is this important? Microsoft provides security updates to all its products on Patch Tuesday. Once […]

Google Chrome extension – Is my Password Exposed?

  2018 has been called the year of the data breach tsunami. As I mentioned in previous bulletins, data breaches are escalating at an alarming rate. Although the number of breaches decreased from 1597 to 1232 in 2018, the amount of data exposed this past year was massive, in the BILLIONS. Google’s new Chrome extension […]

10 Useful Tips – Protecting yourself and avoiding Hackers

  The following discussion points are more or less things and ways to avoid being taken advantage of while surfing the net. Most of it is simply common-sense ideas and suggestions of which you should be aware or may find worthy enough to remember when you run across something on the internet. These tips are […]