About Us

Why Are We Different?

First of all, we never mark-up any computer parts or systems – NEVER. If you need a part, we’ll find you what you need and price it the same price we can buy it for. In some cases, we are resellers of parts or software and get a percentage “reseller” price-break. We actually give you that reseller price-break. After all, this is what a friend does.

We are not motivated to sell you the most expensive solution because we get NOTHING for doing so. There is no value-add to gouge your wallet. A friend wouldn’t do that to you. Rest assured, we only recommend what you need and at the cost that is required.  Our motto is to “Spend money like it’s our own.” We’re in it for the long term – not a hit and run service. All of our clients have been with us for years.

What you pay for is our service expertise. Nothing more. We’re happy to quote what our service will cost so you know in advance what to expect.  We can provide service for a predictable flat monthly fee or by time-and-materials.

Give us a call and see. There’s no fee or commitment to contact us. You wouldn’t worry about calling your friend. So, you needn’t worry about getting in touch with us.

What We Do

Our goal is to make your systems run as efficiently as possible. The confidentiality of your information is our greatest priority. We solve problems, and that’s all. If you need help getting your computer systems under control, or need an upgrade, or security audit. We provide computer support for select professionals, lawyers, doctors and dentists in the Northeastern Ohio area. The premium service we provide is unsurpassed and less expensive than the competition. Let us prove it to you. Our initial phone consultation is FREE, so there is nothing at risk. Why not learn how we can help your business or practice.

Where We Deliver

Located in Northeastern Ohio – we provide personal consulting services to professionals in the greater Warren / Youngstown area. However, we also provide onsite and remote service to clients covering areas from Hudson, Oh to Pittsburgh, Pa with the capability to support clients at much greater distances. Contact us to discuss your support needs or schedule an appointment.